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National Erasmus+ Country Representative, Dr. Nedal Jayousi took part in the HERE Seminar in Nicosia, 13-14 June 2017

National Erasmus+ Country Representative, Dr. Nedal Jayousi represented the Palestinian Higher Education Reform Committee of Erasmus+ in a seminar organized by the European commission and Sphere in Nicosia, 13-14 June 2017 and addressed the Universities and social engagement. There were 60 professors and representatives from 30 countries.

Dr. Jayousi showed the retention procedures in Palestine and presented the Palestinian experience.

This HERE seminar showed cased of EU and HERE countries and HEI, analyzed the different components of ‘social engagement’ and third mission. This included issues related to access, catering to minority and marginalised learners, but also how to weave social engagement and responsibility into the curriculum.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this seminar, the participants were able to:

·     Identify different institutional strategies with regards to inclusion, and how these strategies help HEI to respond to a changing student demographic and specifically those that may be marginalised

·     Identify some of the key issues associated with access (financing, outreach, retention and student services, RPL) and how HEI in different systems are addressing them

·      Identify good practices in how HEI are utilizing technology and ICT, including online and distance learning, to enhance access

·     Assess how the ‘social mission’ of the university is woven/can be woven into curricula design

·    Gain an overview of specific HEI strategies and programmes to include migrants and refugees, and some of the challenges associated with this

·     Connect the university social mission with that of research and identify good practices accordingly


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