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Dr. Nedal Jayousi

 Dr Nedal Jayousi is currently direction the National Erasmus+ Office. He has commenced managing the office on the 1st of August 2011.


Dr Al-Jayousi has a wide experience in educational issues and in higher education system in Palestine; particularly in reform, management, strategic planning, legal matters, and strengthening local and regional institutions in Palestine and other Arab countries. He has worked for 13 years as a Team leader and freelance consultant and 10 years as University professor, trainer and researcher in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and USA. His career started as a professor at the university and then focused on Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening issues in Palestine and the Arab World, yet has moved increasingly into management, planning and organizational solutions that involve consultation with, and active participation of, intended beneficiaries. He is familiar with Palestinian higher educational systems in the Middle East and North Africa.

He enjoys hands on experience of staff empowerment, master plan development, and strategy/project formulation, implementation and assessment. He has run training and research programs for a number of organizations and formulated strategic plans for nine institutions to improve national capacities in different governmental and business institutions as the Ministry of women’s Affairs in PA and in the Jerusalem District Electricity Company and MoLG ..etc.. At field level, he is particularly interested in supporting sustainable projects for municipalities through building their capacities in proposal writing and fundraising and through promoting food security, income generation and profitability, i.e. through building capacity and organization development (OD) in Local Government and rural social institutions.

Dr Jayousi has a number of publications on the theme of strengthening of higher educational institutions, quality assurance; strategic planning and governance, conflict resolution, facilitation, etc. he also reviewed the NGO sector in Palestine and led the national food security strategy that was ratified by the cabinet in PA in 2006 and funded by EU. He carried a regional program in MENA region for thirteen countries funded by IFAD to build the institutional capacities of program management units and help them to develop business plans and fundraise. He lately managed the German fund for the PA managing 15 running programs in this respect; thirteen in which are dealing with governance and municipal matters. Nedal as well worked as a consultant with PALTRADE as part of the team to facilitate the private sector and governmental dialog.

He enjoys strong relations with private, public and civil society sectors along with good links of key donors and international bodies in both WB and GS and in MENA region. It is also worth noting that he ran more than 22 educational programs and consultancy assignments in both Gaza and WB. Moreover, he enjoys strong relations with private, public and civil society sectors along with good links with key donors and international bodies in both WB and GS.

A holder of a Ph.D. and  double master degrees; 12 training courses in quality assurance, higher education systems, Governance, Reform, Project management , HRD, Budgeting , Monitoring and evaluation, public awareness, fundraising, facilitation, management conflict resolution, strategic planning and communication. I also have profound experience in training and evaluation of developmental programs, together with an outstanding command of writing skills in both Arabic and English.

Nedal’s professional management, planning and evaluation experience with various local and international business organizations, GO’s & NGO’s thus extends over the past 23 years. He enjoys multiple competencies as a team leader, senior adviser in management, reform , trainer and facilitator as well as a project evaluator and consultant for a number of posts; professional competence in English with various managerial and office skills, i.e. writing, editing, translating, together with the ability to use a number of computer programs; a fluent and competent speaker and writer of both English and Arabic; enthusiastic & imaginative communicator; access to both Jerusalem and Gaza.

National Erasmus+ Office
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Ramallah, Palestine

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nidal.jayousi@erasmusplus.ps or nidal.jayousi@gmail.com


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