Higher Education Reform Experts

The purpose of the National Team of Higher Education Reform Experts is to provide a pool of expertise in order to promote reforms and enhance progress in Higher Education in Palestine and therefore participate in the development of policies and reforms.

HEREs participate in thematic seminars and study visits, as well as international large-scale conferences organized by the European Commission and the Executive Agency. HEREs are involved in the preparation of surveys or publications commissioned by the European Commission, EACEA and local NEO in relation to the Higher Education sector, its institutions, policies, reforms and modernisation process. HEREs work is being coordinated by the consortium of the EUA and University of Barcelona.

In addition to the international activities HERE team performs counselling and advisory activities at national level. More concretely HEREs provide assistance to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, educational organizations (including national accreditation agency) and HEIs with regards to the introduction and implementation of reforms. HEREs support national authorities in designing, implementing and monitoring policy reforms by development of guidelines, elaborating recommendations and conducting research/surveys.

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